Think about this before entering into an open relationship

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Think about this before entering into an open relationship

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Entering into an open relationship is less and less seen as a taboo. Are you considering entering into a relationship with several people and are you willing to be completely honest about it? Then consider the following before you start.

Honesty is key

For an open relationship to succeed, you need to be completely honest with your partner and vice versa. Because if you have even a little bit of jealousy in you, it often only increases if you feel that your partner is hiding something from you. You also have to be sure that your partner is really interested in an open relationship and does not simply agree to keep you satisfied. You can be sure of that only if you are completely honest with each other. back to how it was. However, this is not realistic. Once you've experimented with other people, your relationship with your partner will be forever different. This doesn't mean you can't go back to a monogamous relationship, but don't expect everything to feel exactly the same as before. When you first enter into an open relationship, there is always a risk that it may damage the relationship.

Right Personality

People who enter into open relationships often like variety, like naturally adventurous and do not mince words. If you don't agree with this at all, it may not be for you. It is also a good sign if you find it exciting or sexy to see your partner flirting with someone else or having physical contact.