This is how Portugal wants to reopen hotels and restaurants

30 Nov 2023Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how Portugal wants to reopen hotels and restaurants

© Lonely Planet This is how Portugal wants to reopen hotels and restaurants

Portugal's tourist office has created a "Clean & Safe" stamp for hotels, restaurants and tourism-related companies to show that they comply with increased safety and hygiene measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and 'other infections'.

Turismo de Portugal launched the scheme in late April to build public confidence in the tourism sector for future travel, as Portugal slowly began to reduce lockdown measures. In accordance with the Clean & Safe scheme, the National Health Authority has created online training programs and requirements for businesses, including improved cleaning protocols, temperature screenings and the provision of personal protective equipment for anyone entering.

This new quality mark is free, optional and valid for one year. Once approval is given to a company, they can place a digital badge on their online platforms or as a physical sticker on their premises. Compliant companies will be subject to random checks in the months following their approval to ensure that the new standards are enforced. By 11 May, 3430 companies are said to have registered.

Airports are also working with the tourism agency to 'ensure a safe travel chain' for passengers by adapting reinforced protection and hygiene measures, validated by the National Health Department. This consists of temperature scans at the airports of Lisbon, Faro, Madeira and Ponta Delgada; contactless check-in; disinfecting equipment with sensors to prevent hand contact; face masks and recommendations for protective equipment for staff and passengers, and improved ventilation systems in terminals, among others.

Portugal's state of emergency was lifted on 2 May after a six-week lockdown. Some stores and businesses have already opened as the country gradually eases restrictions. Cafés, restaurants and bars are expected to open on May 18 under new social distance rules and some hotels in regions such as the Algarve will be open from June and July. However, international flights with holidaymakers have been postponed for the time being, but the industry hopes domestic tourism can offset the drop in foreign tourists.

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