This is how you achieve achievable goals for 2020

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how you achieve achievable goals for 2020

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Just a little longer and it is already 2020. That is the time to start again and set goals for yourself. Maybe next year you want to do more sports, eat healthier or spend less time on social media. Whatever your goals are, the feasibility of your goals has a major impact on your happiness. Consider these three points to make your goals as achievable as possible:

1. What is the underlying idea?

Why do you want to exercise more? Don't you find yourself beautiful enough? Are you not as concerned with it as all those Instagram influencers? Or because exercise helps you relax so that you experience less stress? Try to describe your motivation for the goal from positive thinking rather than from shortcomings.

2. Concrete

The more concrete your goal, the easier you can take steps to achieve your goal. So for example: 'I want to start a round of running every weekday for the next three months. I also want to do yoga three times a week. ' After three months you view the result and set new goals for this theme.

3. Do

The last step is the most important, you have to do it! Every time you come closer to your goal, you will feel happier. So when does your first running session start? Put it in your agenda!