This is how you buy less clothes, but still look better

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how you buy less clothes, but still look better

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Whether you are considering buying less clothes from a sustainable point of view or simply because you have no budget for it. It does not matter. There are plenty of ways to look better with less. Fine isn't it? Buy smarter, no more. That is the credo that you will stick to from now on.

Do not buy clothes online

Yes, we know, online shopping is incredibly easy. Yet there is at least one big stumbling block to it. Unless you know exactly how a certain fit works, you are always gambling. So, set aside a day for it. Visit all kinds of stores to try on anything and everything. This way you know in no time which brands do and which do not work for you. Also make use of the presence of expert staff who know which shapes best suit your figure.

You only need one good watch

A watch is perhaps the accessory for the stylish man. Accessories are just as much a part of your clothing. It ensures that you look stylish, without too much effort. But if you want to buy less, what is the best one to look for? We advise you to go for a so-called "dress watch". This looks nice dressed, but even in the summer with a simple white shirt and jeans is still a cool option.

Invest in shoes

This is really the item where you absolutely do not want to cut back on. Little is as important as good shoes. Before you know it you will go to a physiotherapist with knee complaints. Moreover, you can do for years with a good pair of walkers, as long as you know how to care for them. Imagine that you only have to buy a new pair of shoes once every five years. Delicious isn't it? This saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise have spent on useless clothing.