This is how you cut your own hair (now that the hairdressers are closed)

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how you cut your own hair (now that the hairdressers are closed)

© Unsplash cutting their own hair at home

Not everyone is waiting for a half-length haircut, but most hairdressers have closed their doors. It could just take a few weeks before they open again and in the meantime your hair will continue to grow happily. Everyone has probably cut a tuft of their hair, but cutting a real haircut is something else. Fortunately, the whole internet is full of tips and you can easily cut your own hair.

Home, garden and kitchen hairdresser

We all probably have scissors at home, but this one is really of a different quality than those that hairdressers have in their possession. Unfortunately, we have to do it anyway, as long as it cuts. Hopefully you also have a well-functioning trimmer at home, because it often comes in handy when creating your hairstyle. Then you only have a loose mirror so that you can see the back and a comb.

Hair grows back on its own

Since we do not want to be fully responsible for your failed haircut, make we like to use YouTube. The advantage is that no one sees your mutilated hair anyway, so you can practice for a while and if things really go wrong you can always go bald. Our motto is therefore, it grows back on its own. If you really do not have confidence in yourself, then we hope that you are locked up with someone else in the house who can give you a hand. Good luck.

Cut your own hair course

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