This is how you deal with a crush if you already have a partner

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how you deal with a crush if you already have a partner

© Shutterstock What can you do if you are already in a relationship but also suddenly like another person? These are your options.

You thought you had a happy relationship, but suddenly you get butterflies in your stomach for another person. How can you deal with this situation? Unfortunately, there is no single answer that will work for everyone, because every relationship is different. Therefore consider the following options and determine what suits you and your partner best.

Free run

Often a crush doesn't mean much and it will pass by itself. You can let your imagination run free and enjoy any fantasies. It is quite possible that a few weeks or months later you are no longer interested in the person. Be careful not to take the fantasies too seriously and that it does not become an obsession.

Discuss it

Not everyone is super jealous. Some people can just talk openly about having a 'crush' without it leading to conflicts. In fact, it can be exciting to talk about it with your partner and even make jokes about it. Often a very strong and stable relationship is needed to cope with this and for some people it will always remain a taboo.

Analyze your relationship

Your crush can be meaningless, but there may also be something behind it. Check whether you are still satisfied with your relationship. If you find yourself unhappy, you can try to improve your relationship. If this is really hopeless, sometimes there is nothing else to do but stop the relationship.

If your relationship comes to an end, don't knock on your crush right away because this is often a very unwise way to do something new to start. First try to process your previous relationship so that you can continue in a healthy way.