This is how you do a digital detox

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This is how you do a digital detox

© Shutterstock Be realistic and set limits on how digital connections and interactions affect your life.

A digital detox is a time when a person refrains from using digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers and TVs. It is normal for many people to use these types of devices for a large part of the day. It can even feel like an addiction. According to research, excessive use of digital equipment and its interactions can cause physical, mental and social problems. Reason enough to do a digital detox. This is how you can tackle a digital withdrawal course:

Be realistic

A complete digital detox in which you do not use digital equipment for a period can be very refreshing and liberating. For people who have this option, it is definitely worth a try. However, it is impossible for most people to cease all contact with the digital world due to work or school obligations. However, these people can try a mini detox, for example by storing all digital devices after work or school until the next day.

Set limits

Another way to tackling digital detox can be determined very specifically when you want to allow digital interactions to affect your life. For example, you can listen to a music app while running, but put your phone on airplane mode so that you are not disturbed by phone calls or messages. You can also use airplane mode when you are with friends or family, when you are busy with your hobby or with a project or before and after sleeping.

Turn off notifications

You can also reduce the impact of digital connections on your life by turning off the notifications of apps. This way you will not be constantly disturbed and you can decide when you view the updates and messages from your social networks and other apps.

Source: Very Well Mind

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