This is how you find the love of your life

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how you find the love of your life

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Are you longing for a long relationship, but it still doesn't seem to happen? Perhaps the following tips from experts can lend a hand.

Know yourself

According to Anne Beverly, consultant at 'Bluebird Counseling Center', it is very important that you know yourself. "If you can make clear what you want from a partner and also understand your own weaknesses, you can better manage your expectations and have more chance of success," she explains.

Be open to it

According to life coach Molly Lyda, it is especially important that you are open to a relationship. 'This active desire can look different for everyone. For some it means trusting in love and knowing that the love of their lives can show up at any time, "says Molly. "Others can use dating apps or websites and meet new people every week."

Accept the process

Psychologist Laura F. Dabney says you need to understand that dating is a process and not a process final destination. "To find love, you must date. Dating is about the experience and not the destination. Your goal is not just to find a partner, but to find a partner who can fulfill your wishes, fits your plans and builds your confidence, "said Laura.

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