This is how you find your personal clothing style

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how you find your personal clothing style

© Tessa Gorgosz This is how you find your personal clothing style

Whether you are looking for a completely new style or simply want to try something different, there are a number of simple steps that can help you in this quest. These hacks make developing your personal clothing style a lot easier.

1 / Understanding your body shape

The most important thing when buying new clothes is that you understand your body shape well and know which silhouettes are best suited come.

2 / Find your characteristic pieces

Most of our ultimate style icons are equipped with various characteristic pieces that you can recognize a kilometer away. This can be an accessory, a color, a print or even a beauty trick.

3 / Invest in items that you know you will wear for years

A successful, distinctive style is one that you will love for years, so focus on timeless items that you know you will always love will continue to find and last for those years.

4 / Create a mood board

The trick to working out your own style is to create a detailed mood board with all the looks that you like. Before you look for glue and scissors, it is best to make your mood boards on for example Pinterest, so that you can constantly add new outfits.

5 / Find the colors that suit you

Don't think only to the silhouettes that suit you, but also to color. Read this article to find out which colors suit you best.

6 / Find your own style icons

Look beyond the usual style icons and celebrities and get inspiration from everywhere. Whether it's your stylish boss or your upstairs neighbor.

7 / Put away things you don't wear

The key to a personal style is having an efficient, organized wardrobe. According to an expert, when finding your style you should aim for 50 items or less.

8 / Focus not only on trends

All new trends, new brands and new styling tricks can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, but look for classic items that last a long time. Shop in vintage stores and find style inspiration from every decade.

9 / Stay loyal to the brands that make you feel good

Once you've found the brands that seem to be made for your fit, stop continuing Search. Brands will often produce equivalent versions of important pieces season after season, so it's worth investing again in the items that work for you.