This is how you make a homemade face mask

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how you make a homemade face mask

© Editors Marie Claire How to make a homemade face mask

Dive into that kitchen, because the slow juicer or mixer is not only good for a fresh soup or juice, you can also use it to blend a heavenly mask or fine scrub . Here you will find three beauty DIY recipes.

1. Slowjuice mask

According to science, all those green, orange and black juices may not be as healthy as thought. Fortunately, you can also use your slow juicer very well for other things. A homemade face mask for example.

The ingredients:

Honey yogurt (the fuller, the better) Avocado olive oil-aloe vera gel or juice Olive oil Aloe vera gel or juice

Leave this for about 20 minutes and your skin gets a new look.

2. Sugar body scrub

And while we are doing it yourself: have you ever made a sugar body scrub? That makes your skin wonderfully soft.


1 cup (organic) brown sugar 1 cup raw oatmeal 1 cup olive oil

Mix the ingredients with your fingers until it is a nice mass. And voilà: exfoliate.

Tip: Take a Japanese bath Have you ever Japanese bath? Not only delicious but also a lot more hygienic. How? Before you bathe, moisten your body and exfoliate with your home-made sugar scrub. Rinse in the shower and lie down - wonderfully clean - in a steaming bath.

3. Hand massage scrub

Mix a teaspoon of almond oil with the juice of half a lemon and two teaspoons of honey. Put your hands in it and massage them with the stuff. Put your hands in plastic gloves and leave them on for ten minutes. Rinse with warm water and your hands feel baby soft.