This is how you survive the middle seat in the aircraft

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is how you survive the middle seat in the aircraft

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Oh no. You want to check in for your flight, but there are only seats in the middle. That means that you have to sit in between two people, only the idea alone provokes irritation. It is every airline passenger's nightmare. Fortunately there is a way to survive and even triumphantly get out of the plane at the destination.

Good preparation is half the battle

Since you are the only one in the If you are in a row that cannot come out of your seat without difficulty, you must ensure that you are well prepared. Therefore, consider in advance which items you need. A time shift (we would recommend JFK * cough *), headphones and possibly a sleep mask? Put these together in your hand luggage and pack them immediately, so before you hide the bag in the box above your head. In any case, you no longer have to add this until the end of the journey.

Claim the armrests

It's bad enough that you have to sit in the middle, but if you do if you do not have access to armrests, the journey really becomes hell. Six arms, four handrails. Something is wrong there. But since the people on the outside always have a handrail for themselves, you (if you have a bit of balls) can easily claim both handrails in the middle.

No sound on the middle seat

< p> Three words. Noice Canceling Headphones. Especially on the longer flights you will be eternally grateful to us for this tip. No screaming babies or panicked middle-aged women. All sounds fade away and you are completely in your own world. Delicious. Keep an eye on the ladies and gentlemen of the plane, before you know it you'll miss a drink or snack.