This is how you use this period to invest in yourself

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This is how you use this period to invest in yourself

© Maaike Oude Geerdink This is how you use this period to invest in yourself

The development of your career can be a challenge in this bizarre time. Because many have to work at home, it is possible that your professional development gets less attention. But with the LinkedIn tips below, that is a thing of the past.

Personal ambition

Do you temporarily have a less full work schedule or just time left? Then invest in yourself and focus on your development, because you do have influence on this. With an eye to the future and impact on the labor market, this is the perfect opportunity to invest time in your professional development. "Now is the time to define your personal ambition, determine what it takes to achieve it and go for it," said personal coach Muriel Hillenius.

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4 tips

A few tips to get you started and prevent your development from stalling.

1. Determine your ambitions and goals

Is your army agenda normal? Then think about what you do and take a good look at your career. What is your personal ambition? Identify your dream, vision, talent (s), who you are and what you stand for. Determine what is necessary to realize your ambition and link it to concrete goals. "Dream it, believe it, visualize it, embrace it with passion and authenticity, give it all your attention and you will realize it," said Hillenius.

2. Development

If your goals have been set you can convert them into concrete actions and next steps If you do not have the right skills to achieve your goals, follow online webinars and training Did you know that LinkedIn Learning currently offers more than 275 free courses? something for everyone!

3. Online image

Make yourself visible online and ensure that your image matches the goals you are aiming for, now that you can no longer physically meet and network , it is important to be active online Update your profile and make sure your work experience and skills are up to date Is your profile picture outdated Be creative Get the camera, dress to the office you would like to work for and provide a smooth background.

4. Networks

Also invest in your network, by b Establish existing connections and make new ones. Do you have a role model or admire someone who is successful in your field? Send him or her a message with an invitation to a virtual coffee appointment. This can help your professional development and you can also take concrete career steps. Good luck!