This is how your hair stays in shape during exercise

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This is how your hair stays in shape during exercise

© Marie Claire This is how your hair stays in shape during exercise

Maintaining your hairstyle while trying to stay fit can be a challenge. But these expert tips help you prevent sweating from ruining your haircut during exercise.

1. Avoid a 'kink' in your hair through a ponytail

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"Of course you want to get your hair out of your neck so it doesn't stick to your skin. But don't just use an elastic band. Hair bands with ribbon are much softer for your hair and will not 'buckle' cause, "says celebrity stylist Philip B. To prevent hair breakage, it's useful to change style from time to time - high bun, low tail, high tail, braid - so you don't put pressure on the same piece of your hair every time .

2. Choose your hairstyle based on your workout

Adjusting your hairstyle to the sport you are going to practice can help you on your way to maintaining the perfect hairstyle. A high bun is useful for pilates, for example. This way no hair gets in your face and you can also lay your head flat. A high ponytail with a headband at your hairline is very suitable for high impact cardio. For skiing or cycling, a braid is a good option because it is best to keep your hair free from the wind that can cause tangles.

3. Create your own natural texture.

If you do not like to wear your hair up during exercise, it is useful to apply a texturizing spray to your hair roots. Part of the product is broken down by the moisture from your sweat, but what remains will give you a strong basis so that your haircut will soon be on point again.

Tip: After training, throw your hair forward and massage your scalp with your fingers to create the volume you also had before exercising.

4. Go for special sports headbands

Buy a headband made from a moisture-wicking fabric. They are stretchable, breathable and designed to keep your head cool and dry.

5. Stay away from your hair and leave your cap at home.

Touching your hair with your hands during training stimulates oil production. your scalp. It is best to put your hair up or hold it back. Do not do this through a cap. They are indeed ideal for keeping your hair out of your face, but a cap creates warmth on your scalp resulting in extra sweat.

6. Embrace your sweat

The sodium that is in sweat is your natural sea salt spray . Workout done? Remove your elastic from your hair and shake it with your fingers. Because the moisture spreads through this, you create a great beach look.

7. Do not wash your hair

Hair looks better and is easier to work with if it is not too clean. Before your workout, take a short shower, wet your hair and use a little conditioner - but no shampoo. Use a cleansing shampoo once a week to remove dirt, oil and product deposits.

8. Cool off

Before you take your hair out of a ponytail or bun, it can help to let your strands cool off. The cold setting of your hair dryer is an excellent way to achieve this goal. Let the cool air run over your hair and scalp for two to three minutes until you have removed all the moisture. Then loosen your hair.

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