This is the best heavy-duty screwdriver

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is the best heavy-duty screwdriver

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What is the best heavy duty screwdriver for the home? And which machine has the best value for money? and the Consumers' Association provide answers.

Screw drills come in various shapes and sizes. There are heavy and light machines, both of which are suitable for drilling in different materials. Eleven different brands offer machines. What should you pay attention to when purchasing?

The Dutch Consumers' Association has tested various large and small brands of screw drills. Such drilling devices are suitable for screws and drills in wood, metal and soft stone. This type of machine is less suitable for drilling in hard stone and unsuitable for drilling in concrete.

In the final judgment the drilling and screwing performance counts the most, followed by the ease of use and the quality of the battery and the charger. The machine is also tested for reliability and safety.

Best in the Test: Metabo BS 18 LT Compact

The best heavy-duty screwdriver is the Metabo BS 18 LT Compact, which costs 189 euros .

The device is rated 7.7 and scores particularly well in terms of performance. The machine drills well and the battery is charged relatively quickly - within 45 minutes. The device is very safe and is fairly easy to use.

The BS 18 LT Compact scores somewhat less - but nevertheless satisfactorily - on the battery life (6.3) and the energy consumption (6.2 ).

Best Buy: DeWalt DCD777S2T

The DCD777S2T from the DeWalt brand has the best value for money.

The device is cheaper than the Metabo just mentioned and lags behind in performance, but the battery and charger are fine.

The DCD777S2T is also easy and safe to use.

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