This is the best way to win Catan

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is the best way to win Catan

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It is quite normal if you cannot cope well with your loss. At least that's what we always say to ourselves. Since board games are totally hip again, you need to find a way to win each one of them. Otherwise there is of course no ass. We have now found a brilliant way to win Catan - after all, the Colonist part is no longer allowed - without others realizing it.

More resources means more chance of winning

One of the biggest frustrations in games is the 'chance' aspect. You can't do anything about it, can you? Thanks to Mike Izbicki, we have found a way to weigh a die, without others realizing it. According to him, with this method you can get about five to fifteen extra resource cards per game, so you are more likely to win. Okay, so there's still a chance aspect to it, but we take every chance not to lose.

The trick of the watery dice

Izbicki tells on his website that Catan standard comes with two wooden dice. Laying these in a layer of water overnight with the six facing up will make them heavier at the bottom. For example, the stones should end up at a higher number more often. To test the theory, he and his wife roll the dice for seven days while eating and record the outcome. In the end, six is ??indeed the most frequently thrown number out of 4310 (!) Attempts.

Plan your next game of Catan now

What should you do with this information? Well, put the dice in the water and ensure that your villages are surrounded by resources with high numbers, of course. Unless you are one of our family members, we strongly advise against it.

Source: Mike Izbicki