This is the most valuable fashion brand in the world

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is the most valuable fashion brand in the world

© Editorial Marie Claire This is the most valuable fashion brand in the world.

Every year, Interbrand consultancy publishes a list of the most valuable brands. This is the fashion brand that we see at the top this year.

Most valuable fashion brand

Interbrand's annual Global Brands list is based on the financial performance of all brands worldwide. Louis Vuitton finished in fifteenth place and thus achieved the highest position of all fashion brands. The brand's revenue has increased by 17 percent this year and the French designer brand now has a total value of $ 33.6 million, making them the most valuable luxury fashion brand in the world.

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Secret to success

Why is the luxury brand so successful? Rebecca Robins, global chief at Interbrand, tells the secret behind Louis Vuitton's success. "The vision of the fashion brand is so strong and clear, this can be seen in everything they do. It is important that you as a brand pay attention to the wishes of your target group and Vuitton has done this like no other. They drew their attention this year for the target group 18-38 years and invested a lot of time in the customers, "says Robins.

Growing sector

When it comes to total net worth, Apple, Google, Amazon and Coca-Cola take the top four to complete. But if you look at the sector that is growing fastest, the luxury sector is clearly leading the way. This year the sector has grown faster than ever, which gives a positive outlook for the coming years. Chanel was named as the second most valuable luxury fashion brand and finished in 23rd place, followed by Gucci in 39.