This is the perfect hair color for NYE

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This is the perfect hair color for NYE

© Maaike Oude Geerdink This is the perfect hair color for NYE

The new year is insight and that also means a new you, right? Whether you want to change something in 2020 or end the year smashing, changing your hair color can be a way. And, at the moment, 'Smoky Gold' appears to be the perfect color.

Best of both worlds

According to Cassondra Kaeding, ambassador and color expert at REDKEN, the smoky gold hair color is amazing. "You get the best of both worlds, namely soft gold with a cool, smoky hue." A cool shade can sometimes seem a bit dull, but the golden color through it gives you the shine that you want. The color is with many and is perfect for every season.

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Smoky Gold

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