This is why many hotels do not have a thirteenth floor

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This is why many hotels do not have a thirteenth floor

Did you know that many hotels do not have a thirteenth floor? You may have noticed on vacation. You stand in the hotel elevator and notice that the button with number 13 is missing. Why do some hotels avoid this number? Is this pure superstition or is it much more behind this?

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Book a hotel? Rather not a thirteenth floor

Have you ever thought about that while booking your vacation? To check if the hotel has a thirteenth floor? There are people who really take that seriously. This phobia seems to live the most in America. No less than 13% (yes, really: 13) drops out when booking if the hotel has a thirteenth floor. That's why there are many hotels in America without this floor. In Europe we are a lot more sober in this, but here too superstition lives around the number 13. Especially Friday the thirteenth is for many people a day on which they are more careful.

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Fear of the number 13

Have you ever heard of triskaidekaphobia? No? Then you may not be the only one. Triskaidekaphobia is a phobia or a great fear of the number thirteen. People who have this fear not only regard the number as "the accident number". They even do everything to avoid this number. Such as refusing hotel rooms on the thirteenth floor and avoiding seats with this number at events, for example. There are also people who have something positive with the number 13. Chris, for example, who likes to return to his favorite holiday resort Cotillo Sunset in Fuerteventura: 'We are going on 13 October for the thirteenth time. We feel at home there and love the village and its simplicity.

Superstition? Or another meaning?

Where does the fear of the number thirteen actually come from? For example, it could have a Biblical background. Remember the story about the last supper. Judas was present as a thirteenth apostle and later committed treason. It is also remarkable that the word "accident number" consists of exactly thirteen letters. It is just what you believe in, of course.

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Thirteenth floor still popular

To prevent hotels from missing out on guests due to this phobia, hotel owners play smart here on in. For hotels, the thirteenth floor is often referred to as the fourteenth floor. Or will this floor be given a certain name. Smart right? You can call the thirteenth floor with the popular hotel bar "Lounge Bar". Nobody is aware that they enjoy a cocktail on the thirteenth floor. Is the dreaded floor on the roof terrace with a view of the starry sky? Then you might just find a button in the elevator with "Romantic View". So you can see that the thirteenth floor can be one of the most romantic places of your vacation. Looking for a nice hotel? Discover and book the most attractive hotels via Zoover.