This is why we are turning gray

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is why we are turning gray

© Tessa Gorgosz This is why we turn gray

Like wrinkles, gray hair is a visible sign of aging. And let's be clear: there is nothing wrong with aging. But if you have ever wondered what actually causes your hair to change color over time, then continue reading.

1. When do most women turn gray?

Most women in their thirties could come across a pair of gray hairs. But by the time they are in their fifties, 50% of the head hair has often turned gray.

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2. Why do we get gray hair?

Your normal hair is full of pigment, which provides color. As soon as the pigment loses, your hair turns gray. Your hair only turns white when your pigment cells responsible for color (melanin) are no longer produced.

3. Is it possible to postpone this process?

Nutritional and hormonal factors can influence hair color, but in general the tendency to turn gray earlier or later in life is genetically determined.

4. Some women turn gray faster?

Gray hair is a hereditary trait. If your parents turn gray early on, there is a possibility that you will become too. People with light skin color appear to turn gray sooner and some health conditions can lead to premature aging, such as diabetes, anemia or thyroid problems.

5. Can you change your lifestyle for healthy hair?

Since hair is a kind of barometer of our health, all the improvements we make to our overall well-being will be a bonus for our hair. A balanced diet rich in protein and carbohydrates are very suitable for hair growth.

6. Does it work to massage your head?

Just as your body needs regular exercise, so does your head. If you wash your hair, also massage your scalp. This ensures a clean and healthy scalp. By massaging it, it can absorb vital nutrients through the blood supply and so you feed your hair follicles.