This is why women end relationships

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This is why women end relationships

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If there is a website where we can entertain ourselves for hours, besides JFK of course, then it is Reddit. Whether it is cat movies, the most hilarious memes or advice from strangers on the internet. You can hardly play Reddit and that makes the website so dangerous. Fortunately there is also a lot to learn, such as a post a few days ago on the sub-Reddit AskWomen: what was the cause of the end of your last relationship? There are quite a few important lessons to be learned.

You can learn to communicate

Fortunately, because we men do not always turn out to be equally great heroes. A lack of communication appears to be one of the most important reasons for ending a relationship. For example, we can read about a boyfriend who never said what bothered him, everything was always fine, until the bomb burst of course: “I couldn't continue the relationship. I would be super paranoid and it would always feel like I had to walk on eggs. "In other words, let us know what is bothering you, nobody will be better if you don't say anything.

Be clear about your dreams

There is nothing wrong with wanting many children or just the opposite, but it is a subject that you have to agree on. Nothing is such a relationship killer if not on the same line. Of course people can change their mind, but the multiple similar responses show again that you should not count on it. A relationship is between two people, your opinion or dreams are not the most important thing. Certainly not if your girlfriend has to give birth to the children ...

Keep doing your best for the relationship

The first few months of a relationship are usually the best. You are completely in love with your ears and you just can't stay apart. Regardless of how you get used to it, this often decreases the longer the relationship lasts. That is not bad, falling in love into loving, it is different. Nevertheless, it is important that you continue to do your best. Give a compliment, let her feel that you are still fully committed to her, provide extra tension in the bedroom. There is nothing more killing than a boring relationship that looks more like a friendship (without benefits).