This Italian region pays you € 700 a month to live there

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This Italian region pays you € 700 a month to live there

© Lonely Planet This Italian region pays you € 700 a month to live there.

There is a region in Italy that you pay every month for three years if you choose to move there.

The Molise region is in southern Italy and is probably one of the least known areas of the country - so unknown that there are many jokes among the Italians that Molise does not exist (there are even memes with "Molisn't"). But now that the population has fallen sharply in recent years, the government of the region has decided to start a project to attract new residents to the area. Several other Italian regions tried similar solutions, such as offering houses for sale for the symbolic price of € 1.

The scheme is called "Active Residence Income" and was devised by regional councilor Antonio Tedesco . The goal is to fight depopulation, breathe new life into the economy and create new jobs. The way this is done is to pay all new residents € 700 every month for up to three years to help them build their business.

Setting up new businesses is one of the two requirements that new residents must meet, along with the choice to live in a village with fewer than 2,000 residents. That should be simple enough, since more than 100 of the 136 villages fit into this category. Molise has put together a total fund of € 1 million for the scheme.

Applications can be submitted for another two months and are carefully evaluated before the selection is made. If this is something you were looking for to change your life, you can go to the Molise Bulletin for more information.

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