This panacea conceals your oily hair

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This panacea conceals your oily hair

© Shutterstock If you do not like dry shampoo, this remedy can help with oily hair.

Sometimes you need a wash but it just doesn't come out to wash your hair. There is of course dry shampoo, but what if you are not a fan of it? You must be familiar with baby powder. This stuff is not only good for the legs of a baby, but also for your oily hairs!

Baby powder is also called talcum powder. If you apply a small amount of this to your hairline, your hair will feel drier and stiffer. This not only makes your hair look less fat, you can also create more volume.

What exactly does talcum powder do?

Talcum powder ensures that the oils that make your scalp and your hair greasy be absorbed. Ideal if you just don't feel like washing your hair or if you want to wash it less often.

How do you apply talcum powder?

Brush your hair first with a brush with natural hair so you get the dirt out. Split your hair with this brush so that the oils are spread. Apply some talcum powder on a make-up brush and spread it over your hairlines. Then comb the powder out again.

Use this method once and then wash your hair. Talcum powder can clog the pores and that can cause itching, rashes and even acne.

Source: Glamor