This way you also take care of your mental health during the pandemic

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you also take care of your mental health during the pandemic

© Maaike Oude Geerdink This is also how you take care of your mental health during the pandemic

We all know what we have to do physically: wash hands, keep distance and avoid busy places. We also know that you should cough or sneeze in your elbow and isolate yourself from mild complaints. But what can you do mentally?

Mental health

The word 'pandemic' can already evoke feelings of fear. In addition, the daily news, with photos of overcrowded hospitals, stories of people dying, thousands quarantined, and entire countries having lockdowns, can be frightening. Concerns about your own health, of loved ones, but also of the elderly and vulnerable groups. How are livelihoods and economic instability?

These are questions that have probably haunted you in the past few days. It is therefore important that you also take care of your mental health. So that you continue to think and act with common sense. And as Rutte said: "Pay attention to each other". We should do it together.

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1. Stay connected online

Now that we have social distance, it is very important that you keep in touch with your loved ones. Send a card, create WhatsApp groups or video call each other.

2. Go outside

While you can and should (provided you have no complaints), go outside a few times a day. Get a breath of fresh air, walk through the park and absorb some rays of the sun. It can also be nice to see other people walking on the street.

3. Take online yoga and meditation classes

Several yoga schools offer free online classes. One streams live and the others have videos ready for you to choose.

4. Create your own spa at home

Put on scented candle, put on a face mask (wash your hands well first) and play some nice music. Lie on the couch or read a good book. It's nice if you can put your thoughts elsewhere.