This way you can replant your flower bulbs

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you can replant your flower bulbs

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Spring has arrived. Your flowers come out and your garden suddenly looks a lot happier. After a few weeks in full bloom, the flowers are gone and the bulbs remain in the soil. You think, I throw them out and plant something else in the pot. Still, you better wait a while. You can enjoy it for years to come, provided you apply the following steps.

Cut out the wilted flowers, but leave the leaves on the bulb. The bulb needs the food from the leaves to stay strong. The food is sucked from the leaves by the bulb. When the leaves look sucked out, you can remove the bulb from the pot. Rub the bulb clean, remove the soil, but do not use water because they will rot from moisture. Wrap the bulbs in old newspaper and store them in a cool and dark place.

You can replant them if they have been out in the cold for at least six to eight weeks. Depending on the type of flower, you can replant them in the correct period.