This way you can support the sectors that are severely affected by the Coronavirus

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you can support the sectors that are severely affected by the Coronavirus

© Lonely Planet This way you can support the sectors that are severely affected by the Coronavirus.

Companies, self-employed persons and families that depend on tourism or the general public are currently having a hard time. Fortunately, there are still ways to support local businesses without getting around.

Buy gift certificates for restaurants

Many restaurants are already closed, but still use a delivery service or have started delivering themselves. Supporting local cafes and restaurants by ordering food is one way to help them financially, but you can also purchase coupons for a future dinner party. If you're in a generous mood, you can also gift it to a family that is struggling financially.

Shop online and shop locally

Although you can't say for sure, the big companies will probably recover. But the florist is nearby, the bakery or the yoga studio that sells vouchers for courses; local companies will be able to use and appreciate a contribution very much. If you can have it delivered at home, ordering products or clothing from local companies is a positive thing, creating a stable home-grown economy.

Support independent musicians and artists

Musicians and artists have had to cancel their shows for the coming period. If a band cannot perform, there is often virtually no income. Different kinds of artists often sell their stuff in markets or shops that are currently closed. One way to support these creatives is to take time to see what else they do. Buy their CDs, vinyls or tour posters if there is an online store, buy tickets for future shows or invest in products from artists for sale online.

Plan your future travels

The current state of affairs has changed the way we view travel. However, it may not be just negative. We are now more aware than ever of how intertwined the world has become and how an event in a distant land can clearly trigger a chain reaction. Plan for future trips now, be it online research, travel guide bookings or booking hotel stays (for which you can get your money back) for months in the future, they are all ways to keep yourself inspired and industries and businesses who trust you to travel responsibly and sustainably.

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