This way you create a healthy workplace

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you create a healthy workplace

© Editors Happy in Shape This is how you create a healthy workplace

If you have a desk for yourself, it is easy to impose anything that does not belong there. From a candy jar to piles of paper. And before you know it, it's a mess. A tidy environment that exudes tranquility. But there are a few other things that can improve your health at the office.

1. Adjust your screen

It is almost impossible to dodge your computer and smartphone at work. But staring at a screen for eight hours or more is not exactly good for your eyes, neck and posture. Therefore adjust your screen. Make the font larger so that you don't have to squeeze your eyes. Reduce brightness and adjust your screen to the correct height.

2. Adjust your chair properly

A simple way to improve your health at the office is to adopt a good posture. If you have the luxury of an adjustable desk, stand for a few hours and alternate with sitting again. If you do not have this, make sure your office chair is properly adjusted.

3. Invest in a water jug ??

Or in a reusable water bottle. But make sure it is on your desk so that you drink enough in one day.

4. Set a timer

Whether it is a reminder of your digital agenda or an alarm on your telephone, set a timer every hour. This reminds you to get up from your desk.

5. Nutritious snacks

Working requires energy. Make sure you bring nutritious snacks to the office, such as nuts or dried fruit. Of course a cookie is also good in its time, but because of the sugars and few nutrients, it will not take away your hungry feeling.

6. Clean up every day

Here we do not mean that pile of paper that is 'neatly' on the corner of your desk at the end. Also, wipe your screen, keyboard, mouse and desk with a clean cloth every day.