This way you create a nice reading space in the nursery

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you create a nice reading space in the nursery

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The National Reading Days will start next week. Reading to children who cannot read yet is central. A cozy, friendly place makes the reading ritual even more fun. With these tips from vtwonen you can create a nice reading space in every nursery.

Create a fixed reading space

By creating a fixed reading space, reading aloud is inextricably linked to the evening ritual. Such a reading place can be anywhere: from a nice (rocking) chair to the bed.

A cozy corner also works well. Think of a teepee tent or homemade wigwam with light cord. Add soft cushions, blankets and cuddly toys and in addition to a play area you also have a cozy reading area.

Keep the books in a practical and fun place

Make a special storage space for all children children's books. This way you know exactly which children's books you have and your child can easily choose from which book he or she wants to be read in the evenings.

A bookcase might be the most obvious way, but there are much nicer places to store children's books. For example, hang a few shelves on the wall and display all the books on it, or store the books in a handy storage box.

By laying a sheepskin and some pillows on the box, you immediately have a nice one reading place. You can also get started yourself: build a cupboard, create a 'mini library' or make a special children's book holder for the crib.

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Take care of sufficient, cozy light

A (night) lamp makes reading aloud even cozier, especially during the dark winter months. Such a light does not only have to be practical, but can also serve as a nice accessory. Go for a lamp in the shape of an animal, or one of a famous figure, such as Nijntje or Frog.

A light source with warm, soft light immediately gives the reading spot a cozy appearance.