This way you cut your hair yourself when it is really necessary

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you cut your hair yourself when it is really necessary

© Editors Marie Claire This is how you cut your hair when you really need it

Many hairdressers have closed their doors because of the measures surrounding the corona virus. Are you now at home and do you really need a haircut? We explain how you can best cut your hair yourself.

Hair Types

Hairdresser Amily Chaplin told Tyla how best to cut four types of hair types.

1. Straight strands

Do you have straight strands? Then unfortunately you have the most difficult hair to cut. Straighten your hair and part it in the middle, from your forehead to your neck. It is best to cut it point-wise, so keep the scissors vertical to your hair. Tip: use your friend's trimmer for a nice sharp bottom.

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2. Wavy strands

If you have wavy strands, it is best to wet your hair first and separate it into two sections. Brush the hair over the shoulders and keep your hair tight with your fingers so that it does not hang loosely. First run the comb through the hair, almost to the end, and then cut the bottom section.

3. Curly hair

For all curly hair out there: lucky you! Curls are easy to cut. At least, mistakes are not so easy to see. Wet your hair before you cut it, and don't forget to cut small pieces. The hair will bounce back when it has dried. Do you have layers? Then make a center divider and work picking from the bottom up.

4. Afro

Do you have afro hair? Then you can do your own thing, because there are actually no real rules for this. Tip: place a mirror in front of you and behind you so that you can clearly see what you are doing. Cut small pieces until you have created the perfect cut.