This way you give and receive a compliment as a real guy

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you give and receive a compliment as a real guy

© Airman 1st Class Kathleen Bryant / US Airforce Compliment

Today is officially International Compliment Day. A good time to say that you worked hard last week. Nice and busy, cock. Feels good right? Yet giving and receiving a good compliment is very difficult for many people. People don't know very well how to respond to a sincere piece of positivity, no matter how nice it may be.

Giving a good compliment

Let's start by giving a compliment . There are a few points that are essential to make sure that what you say is reflected well.

Make it to measure

Like everything else in life, a compliment is best when it is made to measure. So look at what that person you are going to compliment you really has to offer. "I like how you put your hair up", is an example of a boost (no pun intended) that you know has the effect. If ladies have put up their hair or braided it has work. Specifically complimenting their clothing style also works well.

There is no perfect time to do it.

Often people wait too long to give a compliment because "it was not the right time". Bullshit of course. Every moment is a good time to give someone a positive feeling. Do you think she did something right? Say it right.

100 percent compliment

Leave out all negativity if you give a compliment. "You did well, but next time ..." is not nice for anyone to hear. A hymn is a hymn and nothing else. So let yourself out of it. Even though your work has had a large part in the fact that a compliment can even take place.

Receiving a compliment

Then we are going to talk about receiving a positive excess. Always difficult since you probably don't want people to think you are arrogant. However, accepting a compliment is easier than you might think. All you have to do is thank. Thank you for what you have been given. It's that simple. Not difficult about it, not talking yourself down, not saying it wasn't as good as it seems. Accept, thank and continue.