This way you go discreetly to the toilet at your date at home

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you go discreetly to the toilet at your date at home

© Shutterstock Etiquette for outdoor toilet visits

Going to the bathroom at home on a date for a big message shouldn't be a problem: you do your thing, flush and wash your hands. Still, there are some aspects of going to the toilet for a "number two" that can make the situation uncomfortable. How about unwanted noises that come through the door, or smells that linger afterwards? Neither very sexy.

Rest assured, if you follow the following rules, you can avoid the pitfalls of visiting your toilet:

Turn on the tap

The sound of the flowing water will mask other sounds. The murmur of the water will also help you relax, which makes bowel movements easier. Choose to let cold water flow, because steam from hot water can trap odors.

Open the window

A little fresh air works better than a match.

Use the air freshener

If there is no air freshener you can also use a canister deodorant.


If there really is no saving is on and the toilet stinks in the wind for an hour after your visit, it is best to keep the situation nice and light by making a comment like: 'I would only wait an hour if I were you', while pointing to the toilet . With a little luck, your date has a sense of humor and you can laugh about it together!

Source: Women's Health