This way you keep sex exciting after your sixtieth birthday

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This way you keep sex exciting after your sixtieth birthday

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Sex is often seen as something mainly young people do, but it is of all ages. Because of health, the loss of a partner or because the spark has died out at a later age, sex can be reduced. Yet at a later age you have plenty of time and you can also use some extra strength and happiness hormone.

According to sexologist Astrid Kremers there are many ways to 'boost' your sex life at a later age. It is important first to take physical factors into account. For example, the vagina may be less moist in women and men may have erection problems. In short, foreplay becomes more important with the years.

1. More attention and time

If you want to improve your sex life, you will have to spend more time and attention on it. People over the age of 60 already have that advantage, they should have more time. Then get inspired, for example on the internet or by going to a sexologist together. Go on a journey of discovery together to discover the possibilities to make your sex life exciting again.

2. Talk about sex

Sex is still a taboo for many people, especially for people from previous generations. Toys are less common for older generations than for the current. You used to go to the video store for a porn movie, now you can watch everything on your phone. Telling what you like and what you fantasize about can open many doors.

3. Trusting the body

Make sure that you both feel at ease by telling each other how attractive you find each other. The more sex you have with each other, the more self-confidence grows.

4. Get plenty of lubricant

Women can suffer from a dry vagina after the menopause. More stimulation is needed to get excited. Predict is therefore very important. Also provide good lubricant ..Source: springlevend024