This way you make short work of this insect

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This way you make short work of this insect

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A disadvantage of the weather getting better? Insects. The outside door can be opened and you can enjoy the sun in the garden, but the sun's rays are not the only thing that appears. Ants, wasps and fruit flies will also show up again.

An insect that you can encounter all year round is the silverfish. That name may sound sweet, but it is a pest likely to emerge from lack of isolation. Annoying, but Happy in Shape knows what to do about it!


You can confuse silverfish with paper fish, so let's first explain the difference: silverfish have fine, shiny scales and are about 7 to 12 millimeters in size. Paper fish are somewhat larger, often about 15 millimeters long. They are grayish in color and have some speckles.

Sure that you are dealing with silverfish? Then you probably ask yourself the following: are silverfish harmful? One consolation already: that is not so bad. But ... if they come out in large numbers, it can get annoying. In any case, the idea that insects crawl around your house is not nice, and certainly not if you (regularly) find them in your counter cabinets, bathrooms or bookcase. To name just a few popular places ...


So get rid of it. Silverfish like moist environments, so it is important, especially with this warm spring weather, that you ventilate your house well in order to keep the temperature and humidity low. Do you seem complicated? Then you can possibly purchase a hygrometer to keep a close eye on the indoor humidity.

Extra tip: make sure that seams and cracks are properly sealed so that silverfish cannot crawl between them.

< h2> Fighting

Prevention is better than cure, but if you already suffer from silverfish, there is no other option than to combat them. Fortunately, you don't need any chemicals for that, because with a few simple home remedies you can fight the animals.

Besides, fighting sounds unnecessarily aggressive, because you can just lure the animals, 'catch' them and bring them outside. . How? Silverfish are only too happy to pay half a potato in an open plastic bag. Not a potato eater? You can also moisten a white cotton cloth and sprinkle some gypsum powder on top, because the fish love that too. Then shake the cloth (with the silver fish on it) outside et voilà: you are rid of it!

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