This way you mix new and vintage with each other

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This way you mix new and vintage with each other

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Did you know that old and new can live very well together under one roof? A mix of classic, design and vintage can turn out quite surprisingly in an interior. vtwonen gives a few ideas.

Treasure digging

With vintage items you can easily make a modern house very personal. Think of an old antique cupboard that has been in the attic for years or that one painting that belonged to your grandfather. You can also search via Marktplaats, or in a thrift store. Give your found vintage finds a nice place in your home. Place them under a glass bell jar or in an old cupboard. This way they get all the attention they deserve. Do you want to give your old closet a makeover? That's how you do it.

Working from home undisturbed

Now that many people are working from home en masse, an office comes in handy. Get started and make a wall desk out of birch plywood or transform an old dining room table into a new desk. All you need is a can of paint.

Illuminate your workplace with an old desk lamp and further decorate it with old prints or photos from a museum shop or that you've collected over the years. Add some pieces of furniture from different times. Working from home has never been so much fun!


In the bedroom, too, the combination of new and aged can be very beautiful. Vintage items give a nostalgic atmosphere and in a perfect mix with new they come into their own even better. This is how it feels, even in a new attic, almost like waking up in an old Parisian attic. Combine it with silky-soft plaids and a mix of pillows for a warm nesting feeling in the bedroom.

Thrift store

Scoring second-hand treasures is something you should pay attention to. Take a look at Marktplaats or go to an antique market or thrift store. Some thrift stores even allow you to shop online. The IJ halls in Amsterdam are a great place where you can find everything. Or take a look (especially now) at various online webshops that offer a mix of modern and vintage.

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