This way you prevent bed bugs during your vacation

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you prevent bed bugs during your vacation

Bed bugs, or bed bugs, are the (literal) nightmare for vacationers and accommodation holders. Zoover investigated how you can prevent them and what you should do if you accidentally encounter them.

What are bed bugs

The bed bug is a small, usually brown animal, about 5 mm long. They are often confused with the bedbug, but that is not correct. The way of life is about the same, but they do not come from the same family. The bed bug likes warm places and is preferably found in and around the bed - what's in a name? But there are also many stories that the critters survive in airplane seats ... They are a big problem in accommodations because guests can take them in their suitcase and spread the critters.

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But how do you prevent them?

Okay, so bed bad news. Fortunately, with the right inspection measures, you can spot the critters before it's too late. Start your research at home. Check on Zoover if the accommodation is properly assessed and if you can find information about bed bugs or bed bugs. You can then expand your online search on Here, records are kept of accommodations where the bed bug prevails. After your detective arts you can enter the plane with confidence. You will of course thoroughly check your seat there before you fall down. Check the seams and corners and look for critters that look like apple seeds. They are fairly round and brown in color.

In the hotel room

First things first. Put your suitcase on the luggage rack. No bedbug will dive into your suitcase via the metal legs. Then you start with a thorough scan and inspect the bed for tiny ink stains. Examine the bed linen, the pillow, the pillowcase (also the inside), but especially (the seams of) the mattress. A look under the mattress is also wise, but don't be afraid of some dirt. Everything clean? Then you are almost certain of a bedbug-free stay.

Once home

Wash and dry all your clothes at high temperature and check your luggage again for small ink stains in corners and seams. It would be a pity that you had a bedbug-free stay and you still receive it by accident at home.

But what if?

If you come across them on the way, at least make a report to the staff. Bed bugs spread easily if nothing is done about it and you don't want to do that to other vacationers either, do you? Make sure they offer a good solution, because if they are in one room or bed, they are probably also elsewhere in the accommodation. An internal move is therefore probably not good enough. Have you also booked other accommodations? Make sure you don't take them with you. Find a laundry and dry all your clothes and shoes for at least 20 minutes. If you have booked with your credit card you can ask if you are insured and can buy a new suitcase. You cannot make this bedbug free. In the next hotel, put all your worn clothing in a plastic bag and close it until you have another opportunity to wash. Of course you also check this accommodation thoroughly. Everything safe? Take a shower, order a tasty cocktail and enjoy your bed bug-free vacation.