This way you recognize whether your date is playing games with you

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you recognize whether your date is playing games with you

© Shutterstock This online behavior mainly occurs in people who are not sincere. Be warned if you come across this on a dating app.

The dating world is full of people who will use all kinds of tactics and tricks to conquer you. If you are looking for a long and serious relationship, you may want to avoid such games. However, you must then know how to recognize it. For example, pay attention to the following signs.

Never the first message

People who enjoy playing games are very careful when sending messages. They may never want to send the first message, never write more than two messages in a row, or always wait an X number of hours before replying. If the frequencies of their messages seem very unnatural, they are probably very concerned with being as perfect or attractive as possible.

Lots of coincidence

It can be quite fun to have someone that has a lot in common with you, but this is not the only reason why there may be coincidence with a potential partner. If someone happens to have the same favorite bands by chance, has to go in the same direction every time you say hello or happens to go to the same events as you, it might be a trick. Nowadays, you can also find a lot of information online about you, so someone can do research to find out what you find interesting.

Offline and online personality

Some people are online very flirtatious, but once you meet them in real life they don't show any interest. Sometimes they just have to get loose, but there is also another explanation. Some people find it entertaining to flirt online because they don't see it as real. They see it as a kind of role play and do not necessarily mean what they write.