This way you remain friends after a break-up

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you remain friends after a break-up

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As an adult it can be difficult to find good friends. That is why it is often extra difficult if your relationship fails, because you not only lose your love, but also a close friend. Sin, but it can also be different. Staying friends with an ex is pretty tricky, but the following tips can help you keep your friendship.

Appropriate break-up

To stay friends it is important that the break -up goes as well as possible. There is no perfect break-up, but try to take each other's feelings into account and remain respectful. An extreme quarrel involving serious scolding will seriously hamper your chance of friendship.

Be careful

Do not take any risks with each other, especially when you are just starting to build of friendship. Keep it completely platonic and only plan friendly activities. A romantic walk along the water, having a drink together or watching a romcom is not a good idea. Especially in the beginning, try to meet only in public. Although it is tempting to become 'friends with benefits', the risk is too great that feelings will arise again.

Right intentions

Why do you want to be friends with your ex? Be honest with yourself when you think about this. If you secretly hope that you will come together again or if you are jealous and want to see what your ex is up to in this way, then a sincere friendship will never succeed. If you still have feelings, you must first process them and often you should do that separately. You should not have any romantic or jealous feelings for your ex anymore. As you become friends again, you no longer hear him or her as your ex, but as a friend.