This way you stay productive in a noisy office

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you stay productive in a noisy office

© Shutterstock Do you suffer from busy colleagues?

Do you need a rest when you are working? Then it is not always easy to concentrate in a busy working environment. That is why it is important to create your own peace. You can do this in the following ways.


The most obvious solution is to use headphones. Therefore, look for headphones that block as much noise as possible and at the same time sit comfortably on your head. Even without music on, it can help to dampen office noises. There are expensive headphones that actually filter out all the sound, but for a few tens you can already purchase headphones that block sufficient sound for most.

Office layout

That your colleagues are having a good time at the office is not a crime, but it is understandable that not everyone needs a chat. If you suffer from noise, you can indicate that you prefer to sit in a quiet place. The person who decides about it can try to make an office layout in which the noisiest people are as far away as possible from those in need of silence. It also helps to make quiet spaces available.


The reason that you are quickly distracted by your colleagues may also be related to your state of mind. Perhaps there is another reason why you are frustrated and this is made worse by the sound of your environment. So try not only to find a solution for the noise, but also address other causes of stress. You may already feel much better by taking a breath of fresh air now and then or by meditating.