This way you will be noticed (positively) in the workplace

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

This way you will be noticed (positively) in the workplace

© Editor Marie Claire This is how you get noticed (positively) in the workplace

Of course you can do your best extra when the boss is watching, only treat when the manager is there and be mega likeable when a bonus arrives. But know: fake deployment in the workplace is seen through. This is according to recent research from the University of Ottawa in Canada. Do we have tips on what you should do to stand out? Being a good soldier.


"Good soldiers" are described in this study as employees who work hard but completely unselfishly; they do everything sincerely for the good of the company, including fixing the printer on the sunny Friday afternoon when there is nobody to admire them. There is just not a halo above their heads and basically good soldiers are the dream of every company.

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Good acting

An image that you can pretend for a moment, you think? Mispoes. Employers seem to recognize "good actors" - or employees who mainly show off during flashy opportunities and when witnesses are present, particularly well. But they don't always show that, which means that it can eventually stand in the way of your career opportunities. So even if you think you have Meryl Streep-worthy acting skills, you really want to transform into a Jeanne d’Arc. That is easier said than done and in the beginning it will probably still feel artificial. But by behaving like a good soldier for a long time (without looking acid and without holding your hand up at the end of the year), you increase your chances of growth, promotions and - yes, more self-satisfaction. And so, before you know it, you have really become an altruistic soldier.

In practice

How do you approach this strategy in practice? A few things you can try:

Now work it, soldier!