This way your guests work out the door without being rude

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This way your guests work out the door without being rude

© Shutterstock Useful tips to let guests who stay too long stick in a subtle way

We've all experienced it: you invite some people to dinner at your home, everything is fine and cozy, but there are or two guests who stick to it if you actually want to end the evening. Maybe it was too cozy. Because you want to be a good host or hostess you find it difficult to show them the door. How do you solve these tricky situations in a subtle way?

Be ahead of the problem

The most useful thing is to make it clear to your guests in the verbal or written invitation what the end time of dinner is. If people know what time they are supposed to leave, they will be much less inclined to get stuck.

Put the blame on yourself

This is also a handy trick: pretend it is Your fault is that the guest is still there and say something like: "Oh dear, is it that late? Sorry we held you here for so long, it was a nice evening but now we really have to let you go back to your partner / family! "

Turn off the music

The dead silence that follows when you switch off the music during a pleasant evening is usually enough hint for people to realize that they have to pack their bags.

Clean up

This goes one step further and you can best save this method for people who really do not realize that they are supposed to leave.

Stop being social

If even the previous method has not helped you, consider ignoring your sticky guests by playing with your phone or calling someone.

Kindly ask your guests to leave

This is of course the most effective way, but such a request can go wrong with your guests.

Source: The Week