Tips against Sintstress: 'Put on a shoe before they go to school'

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Tips against Sintstress: 'Put on a shoe before they go to school'

© ANP The annual setting of the shoe.

Sinterklaas can cause a lot of stress for some children. Vomiting from the tension or peeing in bed; occurs regularly. After a call from RTL News on Facebook, parents of anxious children share their tips on how to deal with it.

Evelien's son is 2.5 and has been busy for some time with the entry of the Sint. "His four-year-old sister, too. With us, it helps to postpone Sinterklaas' attention, but to prepare them for what is to come. For example, we have a countdown calendar that we use for the entire Saint period."

Dosing activities

The calendar shows when they go to the entry and when the children can put their shoes on. "This gave so much peace last year. On the days that no shoe was put on, they worried less about whether Piet would walk on the roof."

In addition, Evelien dosed the activities. "We do not go to Sint at work and not when he comes to the gym. My daughter sees Sint at school, with my son at the daycare only Petes, that makes a lot of difference. We really consciously dose which activities we go to . "

Vomiting and bedwetting

Gélina has three children, now young adults, who were all tense and nervous when Sinterklaas was in the country. "All three of them have a disability. They are relatively calm all year round, but around December they were so nervous and tense. The tension made them vomit and they went to bed again."

Gélina so degrading that she told them the truth. "I told them we re-enact the Sinterklaas story every year. After that they were less tense and we could unpack the presents as normal."

Put the shoe on during the day

Another parent, who wants to remain anonymous, do not let her children put the shoe on before sleeping, but before they go to school. "If they put their shoe on in the evening, they don't sleep well. They find it exciting that someone comes into the house to put something in the shoe. They get out of bed at four in the morning." >

The children are distracted enough at school not to be too busy with it. "When they come home there is something in their shoe."

Fear is not crazy

According to pedagogue Mariëlle Beckers it is not at all strange that children can be afraid of Sinterklaas and his helpers . "The whole story is quite exciting and weird. He can go through the chimney, runs over your roof. That causes stress for children."

The mentioned tips from the parents are embraced by Beckers. Her most important message is to pay little attention to Sinterklaas in the event of fear. "Try dosing. Not a Nickelodeon program in the morning, and in the evening the Sinterklaas journal and then a story about Sinterklaas."

In times where it is even possible to use the iPad call the Sint, it is important to limit, according to Becker. "Take a good look at your child: what is your child exposed to, what fits your child's age, and what can you limit? Think about where you can go one step less. You don't have to go to every entry or every day put the shoe on. "

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