Tips for a perfectly set table during Christmas

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Tips for a perfectly set table during Christmas

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It won't be long before we have to go into the kitchen to prepare a Christmas dinner. No Christmas without a perfectly set table. It immediately creates a festive atmosphere and after all that work in the kitchen it is so nice when the end result at the table completes the picture. With these tips you won't miss a single detail:

1. Tablecloth

First of all, of course, choose a nice tablecloth or table runner so that no wine stains end up on your table.

2. Plates

During the Christmas dinner, several dishes are often served and therefore several plates are needed. If you do not have extensive crockery, at least choose plates that match well and stack them from large to small.

3. Specifications

Of course you don't want to make any mistakes, so it is important that you know the general rules. You place forks on the left and knives on the right with the cutting side facing the plate. Place the cutlery for dessert on top of the plate. You cover from the outside in, so the cutlery for the starter on the outside.

3. Glasses

First, consider how many different wines are served. If you serve white with the starter, red with the main course and dessert wine with the dessert, you put three wine glasses. Red is served in a larger glass than white and dessert wine is usually in a smaller glass than white. The glass that is used first is the one on the right. Also don't forget the water glass. This is to the left of the list.

4. Napkins

With napkins you can set the tone. You can put them left next to the board or create something nice on the board.

5. Decoration

With decorations you can vary endlessly depending on the style you want to use. Do you go for classic or modern? In any case, opt for convenience and safety. No dangerous candles in flower arrangements. For example, you can put some holly twigs or golden stars and snowflakes.

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