Tips how to travel without hand luggage

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Tips how to travel without hand luggage

© Shutterstock How to pack a small bag in handy

It seems to be increasingly difficult for airlines to keep hand luggage for passengers free of charge. This is because travelers often visit the border and still take a little more than is permitted. Because there is only limited space for suitcases, hand luggage must therefore be taken into the hold.

Transavia has already indicated that travelers must pay from 30 March if they want to be sure that their hand luggage will be taken to the aircraft with them. can. The price for a one-way trip will vary between 5 and 15 euros.

If you don't want to pay extra, you have to do it with a small bag that can be put under your seat? This is how you pack small bags:

First put all the things you really need such as clean underwear, clothing and a toothbrush, perhaps a laptop? Put it in your bag and see how much space you have left. Now you can determine which care products you need. If you sleep in a hotel, there is often shampoo and soap available so you can leave that at home. You can wear heavy clothing yourself and only take one pair of shoes that you can wear both casual and neat.

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