Tips to make your flight as pleasant as possible

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Tips to make your flight as pleasant as possible

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We fly all over the world, but a lot has changed in recent years. People used to dress formally for a flight and there was still legroom for people above 1.50 meters. Traveling by plane used to be an outing, now often a necessary evil to get to the destination. Fortunately, with the tips below you can still ensure that you can travel (relatively) stress-free.

Be nice

It seems a fairly simple thing, but it appears that many people do not even bother with the aircraft staff say hello while boarding. When you immediately smile when you arrive and return a "good morning", you will be able to achieve much more during the entire flight. A smile goes a long way. Talk about the staff ...

Perhaps your help is requested

The moment you step through the door, the staff looks at you from head to toe. Sometimes that's how you dress yourself - come on, sweatpants and slippers? Forgot to pack your dignity? - but also to see if they can appeal to you if necessary. Are you tall and strong? Then you have the chance that you will be placed at the emergency exit. Even if the staff is bothered by a passenger who may become physically aggressive during the flight, they might come to you to ask if you can help. So make sure that your holding technique is worth mentioning.

Call while you wait

If your flight is canceled, do these two things. Just like everyone else, stand in line at the counter. But grab the telephone right away. Then call the airline. While you are waiting, you can probably arrange something long ago. An additional advantage is that you also get an employee on the line who does not have a hundred nagging holiday makers in front of him. It makes for a more pleasant conversation.

Fly cheaper in the middle of the week

Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly, so if it is possible that would be your best option. After that you can best book a flight for Tuesday or Saturday. This could easily save you a hefty penny. Very pleasant.

Measure your hand luggage in advance

On the website of all airlines there are their rules regarding hand luggage. The dimensions are particularly important. Nothing as annoying as not being able to take a hand luggage item into the cabin. You also help the staff considerably when your hand luggage easily fits into those compartments above the seats. And it's really not that difficult to use that space economically. Aircraft personnel immediately hate that guy who apparently has never played Tetris and tries to cram his hand luggage diagonally between other bags. And then it gets grumpy too.

Keep this in mind for the next flight and you will find that you arrive much happier at your destination.

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