Tired of black? Then try these 6 colors

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Tired of black? Then try these 6 colors

© Tessa Gorgosz Tired of black? Try these 6 colors

The winter months are dominated by colors such as navy blue, olive green, burgundy and of course black, but 2020 will be more colorful than any winter season.

Bright colors

Designers have decided to include colors such as purple, lime green and bright blue in their fall / winter collections of 2019, which has meant that our favorite stores will look a lot less boring.

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Learn to combine

Knowing how to wear bright colors in the fall doesn't have to be as hard as it seems. It is undeniable that dark hues are easy to combine, but with a little knowledge, styling vibrant hues can be very simple.

Keep scrolling to see how you can wear bright colors in the fall.

1. Pink

Pink appears to be just as popular this year as last year. Try wearing it with shades like beige and light brown, like this look by Jessie Bush.

2. Blue

Blue is a color that many of us have in our wardrobe in the form of denim. But the cool color can be combined in many different ways. Style it with a nice print or a combination of brown colors.

3. Yellow

We all know that yellow is often associated with summer, but it is also a good color option for autumn. With this cheerful color you are the sun in your house even during dark autumn days.

4. Green

Green is one of the biggest color trends in the fall, and we are a fan. Green can be worn with all kinds of other colors. Or go for a look with only shades of green.

5. Red

Red is one of our go-to colors and will earn you points throughout the year. The striking hue can be incorporated into any outfit.

6. Purple

Purple is a very wide color. Lilac is the easiest purple shade to style. Whether you go for accessories or a two-piece suit. Purple always does well!