Toll roads and vignettes: this will change in 2020

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Toll roads and vignettes: this will change in 2020

Are you going on a car vacation this year? Then you want to know if you have to pay toll or need a vignette in the countries you are driving through. Has anything changed in the popular holiday destinations in 2020? We have sorted it out for you and listed the toll roads and vignettes 2020 per country. © Offered by Zoover


For a while it seemed that from 1 October 2020 foreigners would have to pay toll on German motorways. But luckily the German toll plans are now gone and therefore no toll is charged for the time being. In Germany, however, you are again obliged to have an environmental sticker in the environmental zones.


No changes in 2020 in Belgium either. The Liefkenshoek tunnel (north of Antwerp) is the only toll tunnel in Belgium. Furthermore, there are no toll roads for passenger cars at our southern neighbors. Lucky you! You can enjoy a weekend trip to Antwerp without paying a toll. Sleep well at Hotel Lidner & City Lounge. Reviewer Marsjean gives this hotel close to the train station a big 10: 'Atmospheric hotel. Very friendly staff. Nice rooms with great beds. Delicious and extensive breakfast. "


Unfortunately in France you also have to pay toll for almost all motorways in 2020. However, more and more toll gates are disappearing in France. However, this does not mean that tolls are no longer charged. For tourists there is a special payment method, where you can pay online through license plate recognition. In France there are also a number of environmental zones, where an environmental sticker is mandatory. Before the end of 2020, more French cities will introduce an environmental zone. So before you set off, check whether this also applies to your French holiday destination. © Offered by Zoover


In Austria, a toll sticker is required on (almost) all motorways. The costs for a vignette in 2020 are rising slightly: you pay € 9.40 for ten days, € 27.40 for two months and € 91.10 for one year. Since 15 December 2019, vignette exemptions have been in force for the following motorway sections: Inntalautobahn A12 (Kufstein-Kufstein Süd border), Westautobahn A1 (Walserberg - Salzburg Nord), Rheintal / Walgau-Autobahn A14 (Hörbrans - Hohenems), Linzer Autobahn A26 and A27: Bypassbrücke Hafenstraße-Urfahr.


Also in Switzerland a toll sticker is compulsory on all motorways. In addition, tolls are charged for the Great St. Bernard tunnel and the Munt-la-Schera tunnel. The annual vignette for 2020 costs, like last year, 40 CHF (around 37 euros).


In Italy you have to pay toll on almost all motorways, and this will not change in 2020. In fact, there is a good chance that in some places the rates will be increased in 2020. For example, the toll rates for the Mont Blanc tunnel (between France and Italy) increased at the beginning of 2020 by an average of 1.5%.


Good news for vacationers to Spain! Although tolls are charged on most motorways in Spain, fortunately this is changing. The Spanish government is abolishing some toll roads. From the beginning of this year, the AP-7 motorway between Alicante and Tarragona has become toll-free and you also no longer have to pay toll on the AP-4 between Seville and Cádiz. Let's hope that more roads will become toll-free in the future. © Offered by Zoover


Nothing new under the sun in Croatia. In this country tolls are levied on all motorways, except on the highway at Zagreb. This also applies to 2020.


In Slovenia, just like last year, all major roads are subject to a vignette obligation, so even in 2020 you cannot go to Slovenia without a vignette. The annual vignette is valid from December 1, 2019 to January 31, 2021, but you can also opt for a vignette that is valid for a week or a month. Please note: a trip through the Karawankentunnel must be paid separately.