Top locations for a worldwide fall

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Top locations for a worldwide fall

© Lonely Planet Top locations for a global fall

Travel after fall with these locations where fall is at its best.

Loire Valley, France

There is no better time to visit the Loire Valley than when the grape leaves turn yellow and the summer rush returns home. The rolling vineyards look beautiful when they exchange the green of the warmer months for the yellow, brown and orange of autumn. It is also harvest time, so you can see how the grapes are picked in the fields and then enjoy the view in a cozy spot with a glass of wine in hand.

Nara, Japan

The Japanese fall is at least as beautiful as the short cherry blossom season in the spring. Throughout the country you see k?y?, or autumn leaves, the color gradient begins on the northern island of Hokkaid? and then spreads south from the end of September. The old capital Nara, a short train ride from Kyoto, is a beautiful place during the fall. The huge park is flooded with red, gold and yellow colors.

Forest of Dean, England

This age-old forest in Gloucestershire was once a royal hunting ground and the wood was used for Tudor warships. Now it is the perfect place to quietly spot leaves. The mix of oak, birch and sweet chestnuts provides a rusty color palette with yellow and gold. Forest of Dean can be explored on foot and by bike. Note the wild boar that have been living here for the last twenty years.

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