Trapped feeling in a relationship: this is how you prevent it

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Trapped feeling in a relationship: this is how you prevent it

© Shutterstock Why do people often feel trapped in their relationship and how can they prevent it?

Relationships and marriages are initially positive, but they are sometimes compared to being held in prison. It is not without reason that we get this trapped feeling, because by binding ourselves to someone we also have less freedom in certain ways. By taking the following into account, you can counteract the feeling of being stuck.

Economically Dependent

It is quite risky to commit yourself economically to someone. By doing this, you are in a way dependent on each other and this can leave you feeling trapped. Think twice about living together, buying things together and sharing bills. These steps will only make it more difficult to separate and because it is so difficult, you can experience a suffocating feeling.

Socially dependent

You can also be socially dependent on become each other. This happens when you share the same friends and it is even more worrisome not to have friends besides your partner. Your social life depends on your partner and separating means that your whole social life is also going to die. This can also cause a feeling of being trapped. It is therefore wise to keep your own group of friends.

Your own space

If you are going to live together, remember that it is quite difficult to share a small space between the two of you. . If possible, an extra room can work out well, so that you are not always in the same room. Also try to find other places where you can withdraw for a while, for example a library, park or gym. Don't give up on your hobbies, because practicing your own hobby that your partner does not participate in will make you feel much freer.

Escape plan

It may not be so ' A nice topic and it may seem very surreal to talk about it, but it can be smart to discuss what you would do every now and then if your relationship didn't make it. This way you can reassure each other that you will support each other regardless of the situation. This can provide comfort and may just make sure you don't want to leave at all.