Travel essentials: these 4 gadgets are indispensable on your journey

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Travel essentials: these 4 gadgets are indispensable on your journey

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When you travel, you naturally want to take the most beautiful photos of your destination and take home as many souvenirs as possible. With these camera accessories you take the most beautiful photos and by means of vacuum packing you can take as many memories as possible from your journey. Check these handy gadgets quickly.

This is how you shoot the most beautiful portrait photos

© Offered by Columbus Travel Always take the most beautiful portrait photos with the 60mm Sirui Portrait Lens. (Photo: bhphotovideo)

Does your smartphone photography go beyond snapshots, and do you also want to take portrait photos and close-ups with it? Then you will soon end up with an extra smartphone lens. With us the 60mm Sirui Portrait Lens with Clip Adapter looks good. This brings your subject closer and adds clarity and depth to your image. You clip the lens to your mobile phone with the included clip, from € 62.

Provide a dramatic touch in your photos

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Are you crazy? on sunsets and panoramic panoramas? And do you want to add a cinematographic, dramatic feel to your smartphone photo and video? Then the Black Eye Cinema Wide Angle Lens - a lens with a wide-angle of 120 degrees without angular distortion and a fisheye effect - gives you a lot more leeway in one fell swoop. The lens hood reduces lens flares and you can easily click it on your phone from € 90.

Arrange extra space in your suitcase

Your clothes, underwear and socks take up the most space by far. in your suitcase. But did you know that to a large extent air is what you pack? You can prevent this by vacuum packaging your soft materials, and this can be done in two ways: manually or electrically.

Manual vacuum packaging

© Offered by Columbus Travel No more doubts about which item of clothing you should leave at home with the packing cubes from SUITSUIT. (Photo: SUITSUIT)

Jeans or long dresses? Or that nice warm sweater? Thanks to the hip packing cubes from SUITSUIT, even your largest and most rude items of clothing can easily be carried in the suitcase. Extra air lets you escape through the special ventilation holes on the back. Available in different sizes, € 10-25. There are also cheaper and simpler vacuum bags available, but these immediately caught our attention.

Electric vacuum packaging

© Offered by Columbus Travel Everything you want in your suitcase : this VAGO vacuum cleaner gives you a helping hand. (Photo: vago)

With the handy VAGO vacuum cleaner you ensure that your soft luggage items are effortlessly vacuum-packed. This process takes approximately five minutes. The weight of course does not change. But it does provide up to fifty percent more space in your suitcase. You connect the device (86g) to the power with a USB cable. There is a vacuum bag in the starter set. Large bag sizes available separately, from € 52.50.