Tried & tested: Lip plumper for full lips without plastic surgery

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Tried & tested: Lip plumper for full lips without plastic surgery

© Grazia Tried & tested: Lip plumper for full lips without plastic surgery

In this Tried & Tested section, Grazia tests health and beauty shops. This time: chef beauty & lifestyle Manon goes for fuller lips with a Lip Plumper.

What: Candy Lipz Grape Mini Lip plumper

Where: From home

Duration: Within a minute

Costs: they vary a lot. I bought it for € 29 at the online drugstore.



The funny thing is I can't imagine anything to change my mouth. Not because it's so perfect, but it suits me. In addition, I find lip fillers scary and often quite unnatural, although that may not be the aim of someone who really wants a fuller mouth. Why do I still want to test a lip plumper? Well, because I'm curious if something really works. And what that looks like.


The grape-shaped lip plumper has turned into a kind of accessory. You place the plumper on your mouth, squeeze it and then vacuum your lips. This creates a temporary plumping effect. I decide to make a small, unofficial attempt and place it on my fat-free lips. I laugh. Not that handy; air is added causing the suction cup effect to stop and the grape to fall. Again. This time I only puff internally when I look at myself while I make a fish mouth and put the grape on it. I literally feel all the blood being sucked into my mouth. Is this normal? As a test, I let it sit for twenty seconds. When they are done, my lips look fuller. Not mega - that is how it feels - but just a touch. But unfortunately I also have a bruise above my upper lip. No face. Despite balm and concealer, a dark shadow remains visible. The packaging states that temporary 'hickey marks' may develop, which usually disappear on their own within four to seven days. When my sweetheart comes home, he asks shocked if I have fallen because "your lips look so blue and swollen." Right.

In the days that follow, I always postpone a new attempt, but I still have to come across the bridge with a story and a before and after photo. New round, fat-free lips. Check. Clean grape. Check. Lips puckered. Check. We go. It goes well right away, but I have the feeling that I take a lot of skin around it. I let the plumper sit a little longer. One and a half minutes. Phew, I think of the people who do this for half an hour (there are). I already have the feeling that my lips can pop at any moment and I want to get my son out of school in a somewhat presentable way. I take the grape off. Oh my. My lips are huge. Especially my lower lip. My upper lip is relatively less swollen. And unfortunately, a little later, the skin above it turns dark purple, so it has also been vacuumed.

Does it work?

It really gives you fuller lips. I do wonder why you would do this. The effect lasts only one to two hours and during that time your lips are already shrinking. And it seems quite unhealthy to repeat it immediately. Maybe I am not yet very handy in applying, but besides not liking the result, the most important reason for me to never repeat this is the deterioration of my skin and the bruising that I get from it.

Before & after

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