Type of relationships you encounter in your life

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Type of relationships you encounter in your life

© Shutterstock Which one are you in now?

If there is something you cannot control, then it is love. So don't try it either. Love is a journey of discovery that starts with yourself. Along the way you get involved in different love relationships that all teach you something until you have found true love. You probably recognize these relationships, which one do you think you are in?

1. Your first love

Your first love feels very big and serious. You think you have everything for each other, you are completely absorbed. There is nothing to compare, so you don't see any real negatives. Once the relationship is over you can only see that you did not really fit together so well.

2. The whirlwind

It is going to happen to you that somebody comes into your life and turns everything upside down. You lose control, but also allow this completely. You are madly in love (you think) and overwhelmed by this person. This person makes you think about yourself, your life, challenges you, but is also critical of you. As hard as this whirlwind came rushing into your life, it will also let you fall to the ground. You stay behind in the debris, but later you see how much you have learned and this break causes a major change in your life.

3. The lover

The free-range with which you experience adventures that make you giggle, but with which you see no future. You leave everything open and have a lot of fun together, probably for that very reason. When it ends it is a pity, but you will not be sad for a long time. You came into each other's lives with a simple goal and when that is achieved, you will fly out of each other's lives in no time.

4. True love

Whether you believe in it or not, as soon as you meet the person with whom it always feels good and there are no doubts, you have probably found the true one. This person is not only your sex partner, but also your companion for life. The relationship is relaxed, you feel comfortable and everything flows. Of course you sometimes disagree, but you both have the same goal: to grow old together. This relationship can last a very long time, who knows infinitely!